5 Local Fashion Bloggers We Adore

5 Local Fashion Bloggers We Adore

When it comes to the local Winnipeg fashion scene, these fashion mavens know it all and blog it all. Many of these well-informed Winnipeg style obsessives take pride in their city and everything it holds.  We want to recognize their efforts, celebrate their talents and give you the chance to get to know them.

Style_Hunter_Fox_Blog_81Style Hunter Fox

For Monique, becoming a personal stylist was inevitable. She’s always pulled together style from seemingly nothing. It helped having older sisters from whom to poach choice items when an outfit needed completing, and a seamstress mother who could bring to life many of my fashion desires. She learned early how much she loved the thrill of the hunt in thrift stores and still does. Monique has a deep appreciation for things vintage and unique – and on a dime.

Black-Faux-Fur-ootd--1170x1297-cropStyle My Dreams

Jackie is a part time stylist living in the Canadian Prairies with a passion for life and fashion… though some might say obsession. Style My Dreams is her creative outlet for this; a place where she can gush about her shoe addiction and all things fabulous. Jackie about the things that she loves and hopefully you’ll love them too.

ABOUT-PAGE-1024x845Black Blouse

A self-proclaimed beauty junkie, fashion addict, and spa fiend, Natalie Ardita created Black Blouse as a creative outlet to showcase Winnipeg’s fashion and beauty culture. Black Blouse highlights different tips, tricks, and trends to follow in Winnipeg, and aims to promote local businesses, entrepreneurs, spas, and boutiques.

ash-profile1Oil Up

Quality has always been more important to Ashley than quantity, whether it’s realized in food, family time, or my wardrobe. The key to designer style definitely isn’t in the label as much as it’s in the look and quality. Mixing hi-low items and elevating style by combining signature quality pieces and thrifty finds is what Ashley likes to do best. Her style is all about bold but laid-back wearable outfits.

11Blog photoThe Trendy Files

Vanessa created The Trendy Files as a way to celebrate being comfortable in your own skin and she wants to inspire others to do that. As cliche as it sounds, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. The media might have one definition of beauty, even if it’s forever changing. But that doesn’t mean it has to be your definition of beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to Vanessa, there’s nothing more beautiful than someone who is confidant with who they are.