Bee2gether This Summer

Bee2gether This Summer

Biking can be the best way to get around and experience the beauty and vibrancy of a Winnipeg summer. And if you’d like to share that experience with someone, Bee2gether Bikes has got you covered. With full fleet of almost every bike you could imagine, attractive prices, and helpful and knowledgeable staff – Bee2gether Bikes make it easy and fun.

“We started this company because we wanted people to be able to do something fun, healthy and together,” said Chad Celaire who co-owns Bee2gether Bikes with his wife, Kim. “Kim and I started Bee2gether in 2007 and it’s been an incredible 10 years.”

“We’re really excited to announce that this year we are the official bike valet sponsor at Investor’s Group Field for the Blue Bomber games and we’ll also have a bike shuttle that we’re going to try at the beginning of the season. Now fans can park and there’s no need to walk that long stretch down University Crescent.”

After 10 years, Chad and Kim now have 80 Bee2gether Bikes spread out over three locations; Assiniboine Park, Bird’s Hill Park and The Forks.

“We rent a variety of novelty bikes,” said Chad. “Our hope is that customers who ride our bikes will experience the joy that comes from riding bikes together and of spending quality time together.”

“Assiniboine Park is a park like no other,” said Chad. We’ve got variety of novelty bikes that allow you to ride one person in front of another or to sit alongside each other. As you ride through the park you can expect to see the Assiniboine Forest, formal and informal gardens, and the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden. There’s also the Assiniboine Park Zoo, Conservatory, and the Historic Park Pavilion.”

“Bird’s Hill Park is beautiful in the summer and it’s just a fifteen minute escape from the city.”

If you’re looking for a longer adventure this summer, you can try on their Bolers. Whether you are single, a couple, or a family, Bee2gether Excursions is one of the most affordable ways to travel. Our campers are 1970’s era fibreglass “Boler” trailers which are light weight, cozy, and surprisingly spacious.

The Boler trailer was the brainchild of Ray Olecko of Winnipeg, Canada. Olecko had gained a measure of fame as a developer of lightweight fiberglass septic tanks as an alternative to bulky and heavy concrete and steel ones. He was also an avid camper and outdoorsman. While camping with his wife and two children in the late 1960s, Olecko came up with the idea of employing the same molded fiberglass technology he used to manufacture septic tanks to build a compact trailer that was big enough to shoehorn in two adults and two children.

Bee2gether Tandem Bike Rentals and Sales is exciting seasonal business that gives people the opportunity to travel throughout Winnipeg, surrounding neighbourhoods.

“We really hope to provide friends, families, and tourists an opportunity to explore Winnipeg in a fun, healthy, and sociable way. We are a company that provides a way for friends, family, and those with special needs with a way to spend quality time together while experiencing nature and exercising.”