Faces of Winnipeg - Keith Macpherson

Faces of Winnipeg – Keith Macpherson

Musician, author, mindfulness expert and yoga instructor Keith Macpherson has a big vision. He believes that yoga and meditation can and will be made accessible to everybody on the planet. No matter what body size, age, demographic or gender according to Keith Macpherson yoga and meditation is the entry way to finding balance, health, inner-peace and wisdom.

With his down to Earth personality and charismatic charm Keith has a special ability to motivate the masses and win over even those who might otherwise neglect their health and wellness. As a trained life coach through CTI (Coaching Training Institute, San Rafeal, CA) along with a B ED Degree and extensive yoga teacher training through Moksha Yoga International, Keith Macpherson has become a global leader in community leadership involving health and wellness.

His live yoga classes are consistently packed with students along with thousands of online downloads of his instructional videos and Live DVD Series. Not only is Keith a yoga instructor and wellness coach but also offers his authentic gift of live music performance everywhere he goes. Keith Macpherson believes that music and yoga are the universal languages that bring people together in harmony as one planet. With a strong dream of accessible health and wellness for our global community, Keith Macpherson is truly on his way to fulfilling his vision of a healthier planet aligned mentally, physically and spiritually.

Keith has spent over 15 years touring globally as a speaker and performer in Africa, Dubai, the UK and United States.

We have the pleasure of featuring Keith in our Faces of Winnipeg series.

How long have you lived in Winnipeg?
“I have lived in Winnipeg my whole life!”

What area of the City do you live in?
“River Heights. I was born and raised in this area and I love the community and beautiful trees that over hang the streets here!”

What’s your favourite Winnipeg neighbourhood?
“I really enjoy a good walk through Wolseley. It is where I went on my first date with my fiancé.”

What do you like most about Winnipeg?
“One of my favourite things about Winnipeg is definitely the down to Earth people and the amazing artistic community here. There is such wonderful support here to create new projects and grow artistically.”

What do you dislike about Winnipeg?
“I don’t like that they put speed trap vans in 30 mph school zones during holidays during the year. It seems a bit dishonest, when there are no children at the school.”

If you had three wishes for Winnipeg, what would they be?
1. “A community of peace and acceptance of all races and cultural traditions.”
2. “Everyone has a place to sleep at night (off the streets).”
3. “Just slightly warmer winters.”

If you had 30 minutes with the Mayor, what would you ask or tell him?
“I would thank him for his work towards a harmonious city. I really appreciate his advocating for the indigenous culture here in our city.”

Your perfect evening out would be:
“Let’s make that a full day at Thermea Spa.”

Favourite spot for;
Breakfast: Stellas (Go Green Smoothie)
Lunch: Green Carrot Juice
Dinner: Verde Juice (Kale Salad)
Comfort food: Tall Grass Prairie Cinnamon Bun

What would be your most memorable Winnipeg moment?
“Growing up and having the opportunity to interview and jam with Fred Penner.”