Faces of Winnipeg - Micaella Stone

Faces of Winnipeg – Micaella Stone

What makes a city great? It’s not the professional sports team (the Jets proved that again this season), the festival that draws thousands or even a new public space. It’s the people; that everyday person we see walking down the street, the barista behind the counter or the accountant crunching numbers. It’s the entrepreneur and the CEO. It’s the Mayor and the artist. It’s anyone and everyone who has a passion for their community and an appreciation of the person next door. It’s the faces that we see but often don’t notice.

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”
― Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Winnipeg has all that but sometimes we’re just too busy in our own lives to see the life in others. Our series, “Faces of Winnipeg” is meant to highlight those people. You may not know them but you’ve definitely seen them.

We’re almost certain you’ve seen her either around town or on one of her social media accounts. Micaella Stone is a busy young woman. She’s an actress, singer and a model. She’s been crowned Miss Teen Manitoba American Beauty 2015 and Miss Teenage Central Manitoba 2014.

Micaella took time away from her busy schedule and studies to let us get to know her a little bit more.

How long have you lived in Winnipeg?
“I’ve lived in Winnipeg for my whole life, so that adds up 18 years going on 19.”

What area of the city do you live in? 
“I live with my family in South Tuxedo, by Assiniboine Park. I went to Gray Academy for high school and elementary, which is very close by to our house.”

What is your favorite Winnipeg neighbourhood?
“This is a very hard question, but I would have to say Corydon. I spend a lot of time there, since there are so many kinds of restaurants, cute shops and salons. I also enjoy how it feels like a “mini Italy” in the area, although I have never actually been to Italy (but I hope to venture there someday!).”

What do you like most about Winnipeg?
“My favourite thing about Winnipeg, is its sense for community. Winnipeggers stick together, even as we are growing as a city. Compared to many other cities, I find that the people in Winnipeg are closer to each other and share a love for our city and our people more than one would expect.”

What do you dislike about Winnipeg?
“I dislike the negative publicity/lack of publicity Winnipeg receives. A lot of people either don’t know what or where Winnipeg is, or they hear bad things about it. For example shows like The Simpsons make Winnipeg look “bad” with two episodes for instance: one where the family passes by a welcome sign to Winnipeg, saying “We were born here, what’s your excuse?”, or when and angry father fighting with his family yells “That’s it!”, “Back to Winnipeg!” when hit in the back of the head. My point being, it would be nice to see Winnipeg portrayed more positively.”

If you had 3 wishes for Winnipeg, what would they be?
1. Less snowy days
2. To grow
3. Less crime

If you had 30 minutes to talk with the Mayor, what would you ask or tell him?
“I would ask him what his future for Winnipeg’s development are and what is already in progress. I would also ask about environmental, job and poverty efforts.”

The perfect evening out would be?
“A perfect evening out would be venturing around The Forks, listening to some local bands perform and buying candy and fudge from the forks market.”

Whats your favourite spot for
Breakfast: Stella’s
Lunch: Nuburger
Dinner: Clay Oven
Comfort food: Chocoberry

What would be your most memorable Winnipeg moment:
“My most memorable Winnipeg moment would have to be my first Goldeyes game with my grandparents and seeing Goldie for the first time. Goldie was my favourite and I loved snacking on all the food in the park!”