Faces of Winnipeg - Michelle Holigroski

Faces of Winnipeg – Michelle Holigroski

The city of Winnipeg encompasses an ever-growing culture of food, nightlife, entertainment, and ideas. Every corner has a unique story with an equally unique taste and the best way to become familiar with all these stories is to get to know some of the faces that add to the fruits of the vine.

What makes this city so great? It’s not the professional sports teams (even though we’re still on a high from last weekend’s Bomber game) or the upcoming concert. It’s the people; that everyday person we see walking down the street. It’s the faces we see but often don’t know. Our series, “Faces of Winnipeg” is meant to highlight those people.

michelle-cropYou may not have met Michelle Holigroski but you’ve certainly seen her amazing skyline photos of Winnipeg on her Instagram account. This married biologist enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends exploring the many sights and sounds of Winnipeg.

How long have you lived in Winnipeg?
“All of my life. I was born and raised in St. Boniface.”

What area of the City do you live in?
“South Winnipeg”

“It’s close to my family and friends, but still relatively close to work and entertainment.”

michelle2What’s your favourite Winnipeg neighbourhood?
“St. Boniface, but Downtown and the Exchange District are definitely a close second.”

“I love St. Boniface because there’s lots of beautiful architecture (St. B Basilica, Université de Saint-Boniface, L’Hôtel de Ville, Museum), wonderful shops, restaurants and beautiful green spaces.”

michelle1What do you like most about Winnipeg?
“The wide variety of cultural activities. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy from the arts, theatre, festivals, ballet, museums, to history and beautiful architecture.”

What do you dislike about Winnipeg?
“Naysayers of Winnipeg. Wonderful projects (MTS Centre, CMHR, Journey to Churchill, the Floodway, etc) have initially been met with some negativity. Bigger picture thinking will (and has) generally been much more productive.”

If you had three wishes for Winnipeg, what would they be?
1. “Inner city renewal – we’re getting there slowly…”
2. “More support for green modes of transportation (protected bike lanes, etc.)”
3. “More ‘big picture’ thinkers to ensure our continued growth and success.”

If you had 30 minutes with the Mayor, what would you ask or tell him?
“Please reconsider extending BRT all the way to the University of Manitoba. I believe that it would be better to focus on other routes first so that more people can benefit.”

michelle4Your perfect evening out would be:
“Going out for dinner with my husband to Stella’s followed by the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Art & Soul (fundraiser for the art gallery). They throw the best & most creative dance parties.”

michelleYour favourite spot for;
Breakfast: “Clementine”
Lunch: “Shawarma Khan”
Dinner: “Chaise Cafe”
Comfort food: “Constance Popp Chocolates”

What would be your most memorable Winnipeg moment?

“Meeting my husband Craig at the Forks on a cold day in January 2002. We warmed up in a teepee where an aboriginal storyteller talked about fate on our first date. We’ve been together ever since.”