Give A Gift of Hope & Inspiration

Give A Gift of Hope & Inspiration

Winnipeg has always been known as a giving city and during the Holiday Season, everyone seems to step things up a notch. That’s why four local authors and an apparel company have joined together to present “Give A Gift of Hope & Inspiration,” a special event in support of local charities and causes.

Hosted by Radiance Gifts at 875 Corydon Ave on Saturday, December 16 from noon to 5:00pm, “Give A Gift of Hope & Inspiration” gives Winnipeggers a change to meet local authors, Robert Allan Young, Suzanne Mariani, Bev Geddes, Anne Mahon and Brittany Kali, the face behind Kali Kardiά Apparel.

“Our store is dedicated to providing people with tools for personal well-being and this event is kind of a gift to our customers,” said Lisa Tjaden, co-owner of Radiance Gifts. “It’s a chance to meet all five of these amazing people have taken their own personal journeys and turned them around to help others.”

Best selling author, Robert Allan Young released What Doesn’t Kill You, a compelling thought provoking glimpse into the life of Lyle Bauer, a multiple Grey Cup Champion, CFL executive and a cancer survivor. The proceeds support Bauer’s Never Alone Foundation. The book is about fight, hope, inspiration and that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. The human spirit may be the most powerful energy on earth.

Suzanne Mariani has published Breaking. It’s a recollection of a two year old girl’s first memory that will take you on a journey of love, hate, fear, passion, anger, failure, rejection, and shame. Yet, the small windows of success, joy, laughter and brief moments of freedom pass through the storm until the “Breaking!” Proceeds from Suzanne’s book support The Children’s Miracle Network.

Bev Geddes was one of twenty-three science fiction and fantasy authors who have captured the depth and breadth of caring and of giving in The Sum of Us. Readers will find insight, joy, devastation, and heroism in grand sweeps and in tiny niches. Proceeds from the book support The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba.

In Redemption: Stories of Hope, Resilience and Life After Gangs, Anne Mahon, recounts ten first-person life stories from ex-gang members that enlighten, surprise and inspire as they share their thoughts on topics such as peace, joy, forgiveness, and hope. Their accounts reveal the reality of living as a marginalized person, and challenge preconceived notions in this illuminating look at the individuals behind the crime statistics. Proceeds support Gang Action Interagency Network of Winnipeg.

The proceeds from Anne’s first book, The Lucky Ones: African Refugees Stories of Extraordinary Courage support entrance bursaries at the University of Winnipeg and micro-lending loans at SEED Winnipeg for the African community of Winnipeg.

In 2016, Brittany Kali who has been dealing with mental health issues since she was 12 started Kali Kardiά Apparel with the idea of donating a portion of her profits to The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba.

“I’ve used Phoenix the bird as the signature for Kali Kardiά Apparel,” said Brittany. “In Greek mythology, a Phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated and reborn. Like those who suffer with mental health, with help and support, we can feel some type of clarity.”

“The event is a chance to meet some amazing people and to purchase a personalized gift that will benefit others,” said Tjaden.