Independent Businesses Finding Their Own Innovative Ways to Grow Greener

Winnipeg  – The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) released a new environment report that shows ‘going green’ is a priority for a majority of small businesses in Canada. It reveals that the environmentally friendly measures small business owners have been implementing are motivated by their own personal views and their commitment to do their part to protect the environment.

The report, Green Growth: How SMEs are working toward a greener future, is based on a CFIB survey that found a majority of members believe that actions to protect the environment can be done alongside policies that encourage economic growth. Only 10 per cent believe that either economic growth or environmental protection should be given priority to the detriment of the other. They need only resources and information to help them do more.

“It is essential that governments not only include small businesses in the conversation around issues such as emissions reductions and climate change, but also recognize the work that they are already doing to help the environment,” said Monique Moreau, Vice-President of National Affairs at CFIB. “The best way for governments to help small businesses ’go green’ is to provide them with the information, tools, and the resources necessary to ensure they can continue investing in both their business and the environment.”

The report found that punitive measures such as carbon taxes, and additional fees or regulations, are the least effective mechanisms to encourage small businesses to implement environmentally friendly measures. Only 13 per cent said that the fear of additional government taxes and regulations would encourage them to do more for the environment.

“With the uncertainty surrounding the new administration south of the border, it is important that we retain our competitive advantage,” warned Moreau. “Until we know what kind of environmental policy will be implemented, it would be premature to place an undue burden on Canadian SME’s through new taxes and regulations.”

Read the report “Green Growth: How SMEs are working toward a greener future”