Last Week's Top 5 Instagram Moments

Last Week’s Top 5 Instagram Moments

Instagram is a great way to capture and share the moments from some of our favourite Winnipeg spots. It’s fun to see what others are doing in their lives. Follow these amazing friends to see what they’re up to, and discover some of our favs from all over that are sharing things they love.

@onesalonandspa #Repost@hairgoalsbyjenchoy with @get_repost
those shaggy Hailey Baldwin bangs are all the craze rn ✨ 📞 204-487-4663 💻

@radiance_gifts Repost from @soulandselene – 💕 Ritual for Self-Love 💕 .
Bless yourself and your sacred space with Palo Santo .
On a pink or red candle, carve what you love about yourself (small enough that it can burn down in a short time span). Light candle. .
Sitting in lotus, with a smile behind your lips, and holding a rose quartz begin to visualize your life free of self judgment and full of confidence .
Pay attention to how this body, mind and spirit confidence feels; bask in that love. .
Repeat the affirmation: “I am loved and I love myself. I love my heart and body for supporting me everyday. I am at peace when I love myself.” .
Take a moment to write down any messages that spirit sends you .
Let the candle burn down .

This Dermal Roller can only be found @selfaesthetics hurry in there are only 4 left! You receive a $50 coupon towards any laser service with purchase of any Environ product! @corydontimes@skinhealth_canada – Ahhhh… our favourite device 😉. Check out our Instagram story where the science behind Cosmetic Needling!

@brushfirestudio It’s fri-yay! Drop in with your date, a friend or on your own and create! We’ve got stencils, books for inspiration and great staff to help with your design. #winnipegfun #manitobafun#datenight #ladiesnight #makeart#creativeescape #brushfirestudiowpg

@cakedwithloveco Late post… Our dark chocolate raspberry cake is today’s cake by the slice! The dark chocolate and raspberry go very well together!! #cake