Little Box of Rocks In The Corydon Area

Little Box of Rocks In The Corydon Area

Both Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz have them and now you can find Kiera Fogg’s Little Box of Rocks in the Corydon Ave area. Little Box Of Rocks crystal bouquets are now available at Radiance Gifts and Beyond Flowers.

“They’re local and it’s something we think our customers will really enjoy,” said Gloria Sawatzky from Beyond Flowers at 163 Lilac St.

“We’ve been Winnipeg’s go to place for crystals for the past twenty years,” says Lisa Tjaden from Radiance Gifts at 875 Corydon. “We love having Kiera’s bouquets available.”

Little Box of Rocks is like a flower bouquet, but instead of roses or asters, it’s rose quartz or amethyst. Each bouquet is a collection of crystals with an explanation of their energy, along with a secret message on a mini scroll, all wrapped in a wooden box.

As a little girl Kiera Fogg loved spending her summers dreaming and exploring deep in Canada’s wilderness. She was fascinated by nature’s power to uplift and enlighten. For her, being immersed in Northern Ontario’s vast, rocky terrain searching for amethyst and fool’s gold was what allowed her to dream. It was a place where I could clear my thoughts and become still and centered in the presence of my own spirit – a place where she was deeply inspired.

Built upon an ancient tradition dating back to antiquity, each bouquets acts as a modern-day talisman – a special gift meant to inspire spiritual wellness. The tradition of the talisman has been carried out through the ages, from ancient Rome and Egypt, to Japanese and Aboriginal cultures. Items, such as animal furs, herbs, stones, and anything else that held meaning, were kept and carried in complete secrecy believing this enhanced their magical powers.

Charged with the power of a secret, a crystal bouquet is a wooden box containing a thoughtful assortment of reiki-infused healing crystals that represent a specific theme and occasion.

Each bouquet includes:
• Wooden gift box hand-wrapped in black satin ribbon
• Four theme appropriate crystals (and herbs in select bouquets) in a muslin, hand-stamped sachet
• Black envelope and personalized letter, including both sender and recipient’s names, on fine linen paper
• Keepsake card outlining the meaning of the bouquet
• A secret message written by the sender, presented on a sealed scroll