Mayor's Biz Awards Honours Selim Aysan

Mayor’s Biz Awards Honours Selim Aysan

sal1salThis year’s recipient of the Mayor’s BIZ Award from the Corydon Ave BIZ is Mr. Selim Aysan, who was honoured at a reception at Winnipeg’s City Hall.

We quite often hear tales of people who come to our city from around the world in search of a better life for themselves and their families. But we don’t often hear of someone who has made that journey and enhanced the lives of others and an entire neighbourhood. This is the case with Selim Aysan. Not only has he made a better life for himself, but he has helped enhance our neighbourhood for almost 40 years.

sal2Those who know Selim Aysan call him Sal and those who don’t will feel like they’ve met a long lost friend after a just few minutes inside his shop.  From his little shop on Corydon Ave, Selim’s Antiques, Sal has touched almost everyone who has ever walked down Corydon Ave.

Since 1977, Selim’s Antiques and Sal have been a staple on Corydon Ave and he knows a few things about antiques but a lot about Corydon. He joined the BIZ board in hopes of making the street more attractive to new businesses, and showcasing not only what his business has to offer but what other local businesses can offer as well.

sal3Sal’s journey began in what now must seem like a world away in Turkey. Growing up, the young man displayed an innate talent for buying, selling and making life for others seem just a little bit brighter. And it hasn’t taken take long for his desires to become reality and we’re honoured to have him not only in Canada and in our neighbourhood.

Congratulations, Sal!