Our First Spring Shopping List

Our First Spring Shopping List

shopping3We’ve waited long enough. Spring is here and it’s time to spruce things up a little. It’s the season to brighten a room or reach into the back of your closet, get rid of the old and make room for all things new.

A trip to the Corydon Ave area tends to result in one of two outcomes: a few new pieces to your wardrobe or planning another trip to grab that item you didn’t get the first time.  We’ve tried to make it easy by putting together a quick shopping list for you.

The obvious item to brighten up almost any room is fresh flowers. Our friends at Beyond Flowers on Lilac are nose deep in that spring favourite, tulips right now. There’s no better sign of spring than a bouquet or two of tulips sitting as a centerpiece in your favorite room.

shopping1Village Streetwear is always a good choice to spring up your wardrobe. There new selection of Summer Scotch is as sweet as the day’s weather.

shopping2At Loka Boutique double digit temperatures mean it’s basically shorts weather. Their selection is a great way to welcome spring and perfect for when the Corydon Ave patios open

shopping4Spring Neutral are a hit at Luxe Label. Every spring day is the perfect day for this Reese and Riley Vest. Layer it with your favourite tee or light sweater for an easy pulled together look. Grab your best ripped jeans and a pair of heels to make the most of that casual evening out.