Advanced Massage Therapy

Advanced Massage Therapy was the 2016 Consumer’s Choice Award winner for Massage Therapy in Winnipeg. They are Registered Massage Therapists who specialize in Deep Tissue Massage. Open 7 days a week, including holidays, to make sure they are available for your Massage Therapy needs. Along with Direct Billing to insurance companies, let one of our Winnipeg Massage Therapist help promote healing when dealing with an injury or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle.
2020 F Corydon Ave
Instagram @advancedmassagetherapy

Corydon Animal Hospital

The Corydon Animal Hospital, centrally located in the River Heights, is a well-established, fully equipped pet hospital dedicated to dogs, cats, pocket pets and birds. We first opened our doors in 1970 with the mission to provide the highest quality medical, surgical and dental services in a skilled, caring and compassionate environment. Decades later, our focus remains the same. Our dedication to this standard of excellence is reflected in our experienced and caring staff, modern and fully equipped facility and American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation.
1675 Corydon Ave
Twitter @CorydonAnimal
Instagram @corydonanimalhospital/

Family Acupuncture Wellness Clinic

Family Acupuncture Wellness Clinic is a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our focus is on both prenatal care (fertility and pregnancy support) in addition to treating the whole family through illnesses, injuries, hormone imbalances, digestion issues, allergies and pain. We offer many different kinds of supportive and complimentary therapies to best help our patient’s needs.
107-897 Corydon Ave
Twitter @FamilyAcu

Andrea Robin

Andrea Robin, 300 RYT, B.Ed, is a certified yoga teacher in the Hatha, Vinayasa and Partner yoga styles but considers herself a student first and foremost. She firmly believes that yoga helps people to heal from within, that everyone’s journey is different and that you can never finish learning. Andrea’s svadhyaya (introspection & self-study) has led her to the study of energy work & chakras and to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher to further be able to help others heal their personal traumas.
Twitter @AndreaRobin1

Corydon Ave BIZ

The Corydon Avenue BIZ is constantly striving to bring the message of this character neighbourhood to more and more people from Winnipeg and elsewhere. Bring your dancing shoes and come dance under the stars by the music of some of Manitoba’s best bands. Every Friday and Saturday evening from the last week in June through to the end of August, Corydon Avenue BIZ invites you all to attend “Dancing on the Avenue”.
Twitter @CorydonBiz

Plush Home & Design

Plush home and design inc. is dedicated to the styling and design of beautiful residential and commercial spaces. As a project management firm that is founded in design, Plush home and design provides the perfect balance of aesthetic consideration and construction to bring your project from inspiration to completion. Their range of services includes styling and redecorating an existing home to designing and project managing any size and degree of renovation or restoration, both residential and commercial.
167 Stafford
Twitter @Plushhomedesign
Instagram @plushhomeanddesign

Merry Maids of Winnipeg

There’s nothing like opening the door to your home after the Winnipeg Merry Maids office has cleaned. It’s the moment when you realize that your whole house is really clean and you didn’t have to lift a finger to do it. Your Winnipeg Merry Maids office not only gives you a thorough, customized clean. We manage all the details of the cleaning, so you don’t have to. We send professionally trained, screened and bonded professionals to your home, so you can trust that your home is safe and secure.
620 Academy Road
Instagram @merrymaidsofwinnipeg/

Paternity Testing Centers of Canada

Paternity Testing Centers of Canada is a 100% Canadian owned company trusted by many legal firms and social service agencies whom rely on the professionalism and integrity of their work. They offer personalized service and flexible work hours. Since they are based in Canada and serve all of Canada, they have very affordable prices. All communications including the test results with Paternity Testing Centers of Canada are treated with strict confidentiality to ensure only their clients receive the information about the tests performed.
1 (877) 777-4004
F-2020 Corydon Ave
Instagram @dna_divas/

POS Systems

POS Systems, their sales staff and support technicians have been supporting local and national businesses with the latest point of sale equipment and service for over 30 years. They are a one-stop-shop for all of your business’s point of sale needs and more. POS Systems a variety of cash registers, hospitality and retail systems, liquor systems, ATM’s, and debit and credit systems and services. They also carry many accessories and supplies, such as point of sale touch screens, printers, scanners, scales, paper rolls, ink ribbons, and other peripherals.
301-A Weston Street
Twitter @possystems2013
Instagram @possystems2013/

SideStreet Media

SideStreet Media, a division of SideStreet Digital Canada publishes community specific websites in major markets across Canada. SideStreet Media’s social media platforms and digital publications embrace magazine-style feature writing and sophisticated coverage of fashion, food, arts and local events, helping readers understand and appreciate the vibrant communities in which they live.
Twitter @sidestmedia
Instagram @sidestmedia/

The Travelling Guardian

Do you wish your grandchildren were able to visit during your winter vacation? Are you nervous about navigating airports and connecting flights? Are you a parent in need of an extra set of hands from departure to arrival? The Travelling Guardian accompanies you on your flight and provides professional travel assistance with all aspects of your flight plans — from flight reservations, to check-in and security, throughout the flight, to baggage claim—everything you need to get to your destination safely and without worry.
Instagram @thetravellingguardian/

Winnipeg Spine and Sports Therapy

Winnipeg Spine and Sports Therapy is a progressive, multi-disciplinary clinic designed to assess and provide therapeutic interventions that allow for complete care of your physical well-being. Whether you are seeking care for an acute injury, dealing with a chronic problem, wanting to improve your musculoskeletal function and mobility, or hoping to achieve your peak physical performance, Winnipeg Spine and Sports Therapy are here to help.
1465-B Pembina Highway
Twitter @WPGspinesport
Instagram @WPGspineandsport

Education & Cultural

Alliance Française du Manitoba

Alliance Française du Manitoba is the only Manitoban institution using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), whose standards are recognised internationally. With its 6 levels of progression, it will help you define your level, and you will gain more credibility with many companies around the world. Entirely tailor-made or in groups with up to 14 students in total, our courses are gradual and communicative. They are taught by French-as-a-second-language specialists, whose professionalism and experience is enhanced by the use of up-to-date technology in our comfortable classrooms.
934 Corydon Ave
Twitter @AFManitoba
Instagram @afmanitoba

Radiance Gifts

Since 1995, Radiance Gifts has been located in heart of Winnipeg’s Little Italy. Radiance Gifts is one of Canada’s most comprehensive and Winnipeg’s largest “metaphysical headquarters,” offering a broad spectrum of resources from humanity’s spiritual, healing, and earth wisdom traditions. Radiance Gifts is an oasis of ancient and current discoveries and syntheses. They are in the business of celebrating love, wisdom, science, lifecraft, healing, visioning, religion and psychology.
7-875 Corydon Ave
Twitter @RadianceGifts
Instagram radiance_gifts

Political Representatives

Councillor Jenny Gerbasi

Fort Rouge – East Fort Garry Ward
Jenny was first elected Councillor for the Fort Rouge — East Fort Garry Ward in October of 1998, and re-elected in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014. Jenny has been the City of Winnipegs’ representative on the board of Federation of Canadian Municipalities since 2007 and was is now serving as 2nd Vice President of FCM. She has represented Winnipeg Transit on the Canadian Urban Transit Associations’ Board Members Committee since 2005. She was the first woman to chair the Historic Buildings Committee and has done so since 2000. Jenny has championed such causes as Rapid Transit, inner city housing, environmental issues, neighborhood safety and citizen participation in city planning and in civic government. Jenny has also chaired the Access Advisory Committee for 12 years, during which time Winnipeg became the first city in Canada to implement a Universal Design Policy.
Council Building, 510 Main Street
Twitter @JennyGerbasi

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