Top 5 Instagram Moments from Last Week

Top 5 Instagram Moments from Last Week

@unexpectedgift2 The ultimate subscription box is now available! Send an unexpected gift box subscription to a family member, friend, colleague or care giver to let them know you are thinking about them during a difficult time. Each gift box specifically curetted to match the needs of someone going through cancer or their support person. We will work with you to send the perfect gift box every time. All boxes are valued at over $60. Check it out online or call the store and arrange for a gift way better than another casserole!!

@hairgoalsbyjenchoy haters gonna say it’s fake. Props to @schwarzkopfcan’s #blondme✨it’s super powerful lift plus the new built in bonder saves lives

@evericehair Funky long bob by me for synth goddess @ghosttwin‘s Karen – tonight at @thatgoodwill #winnipeg thurs Jan 25th

@diamondgallerywinnipeg  Delicate details in this classic piece of jewellery. Crafted in 14K yellow gold these opals are simply perfect $229

@corydonanimalhospital We look after rabbits too, like our furry friend furhead