Winnipeg Tails

Winnipeg Tails

For James Turner, few things are more enjoyable than photographing man’s best friend and walking the streets of Winnipeg. And there is no telling how much a person’s passion can affect others once they become dedicated to a personal cause.

Blu, (8-m-o), French/English Bulldog mix, Osborne Village, Winnipeg. “He’s very chill.”

Turner, a journalism instructor from Red River College has managed to combine all three of his passions into a heart-felt project in an effort to benefit animal welfare organizations in Manitoba.

Over the past few weeks the “puparazzi” photographer has been hitting the streets with Winnipeg Tails, a summer project documenting some of the amazing dogs of Winnipeg. “I’m combing three of my loves; dogs, photography and walking and the response has been amazing,” says Turner who has turned his lens on Winnipeg’s finest. Turner donates one dollar for each portrait towards animal welfare programs in the province.

Rupert, (6 y-o) Schnoodle (Schnauzer-Poodle), Wardlaw Avenue, Winnipeg. “He’s really friendly but spooks easily … he really loves to howl.”

“The owners have been very receptive to having their pets photographed,” says Turner. “Some of them have even made additional donations.”

Turner finds his subjects by walking around his River Heights neighbourhood, the Exchange District and Osborne area.  The series is posted on Instagram and Tumblr is very revealing of the dog’s individual personality. In his images, Turner seems to be able to draw out what appears to be human characteristics from his subjects and makes it easy to see the close bond humans share with their canine counterparts.

(Feature photo by Colin Corneau)

Griffin (6-y-o) Cairn Terrier, River Heights, Winnipeg. “He loves to play with balls. He has a strong personality.”