Your Most Likeable Moments

Your Most Likeable Moments

We’ve scoured our Instagram feed and found these five posts were the ones you liked the most. Follow these awesome Corydon area accounts to see what’s up, what’s cool and what’s happening.


@hairbyritalehmann – Twice a year Aveda releases a new collection of styles and color techniques…to stretch our imagination…  The Fall/ Winter 2016/2017 collection is called Foklor…


@academyflorist – You perfect by @heather_page


@copenhagenbistro – salami everybody! like the picture if you want this for lunch


@corydonanimalhospital – We LOVE this photo sent in by one of our clients 😂❤️ Truffle looks like he’s giving his mom a glare for making him take a surfing lesson in the pool. Too cute!


@octoberboutique – If you can’t beat them join them ….  Construction near complete